Lettera alla Nissan Japan per i difetti di conformità

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Nissan Japan

Global Headquarter
1-1, Takashima 1-chome, Nishi-ku,
Kanagawa 220-8686, Japan
Nissan Italia Srl.
Registered Office and Directorate General
Via Tiberina Km , 740
00060 Capena (Rome)

Complaint about the lack of conformity (Consume Code’s article nr.130) and Compensation Claim
Dear Sirs,
Multiple consumers have had problems in installing the GPL implant in the cars they owned.
I’m writing to you on their behalf.
The first one to contact our Consumers Association was Mr.Caruso whose car, a NISSAN QASHQAI 1600, suffered several damages from the installation of the GPL implant .
To be more specific, the problem was in the type of car valves that had been used, which were not conformed to the engine typology because the exhaust-gas temperature rising would have determined an excessive elongation of the valves themselves with lethal consequences not only for the valves, but also for the engine.
From then, many letters have been received from our Association.
In these letters people lamented problems like the lighting, while the vehicle was travelling, of the yellow indicator lamp, situated in the control panel. People were then forced to go to the Nissan Workshops for the repairs and they also had to wait to have their vehicle back.
It attracted Our attention the fact that every consumer had been forced to repair the damage because of the lighting of the yellow light or because the vehicle stopped suffering from the changing from fuel to GPL. They also had to change the car’s head at their own expenses.
This defect makes the product not conformed with the contract and emphasized the hypothesis contemplated in the Consume Code’s art. nr.129.
However, I want to clarify that there are two important information which we came to know reading the emails that our Association received :
Firstly, Zavoli refuses categorically to install this implant typology
Secondly, the magazine known as “Quattroruote”(Fourwheels) dated April 2014, indicates this defect at page 197.
I want to highlight , for your own interest, that rude answers were given from Nissan Italia to all those consumers who tried to warn them of the problem.
With the common interest of protecting the consumer and also to avoid legal actions we invite you to dispose a calling-back plan for those cars.
I invite you to make contacts with my study, in 15 days from the receiving of this letter, so that we can define the situation. In case of absence of response I will proceed with a legal action.
I reserve the right to ask for a compensation claim and restoration forms as indicated in the Consume Code’s article nr.130.

Avv. Ivano Giacomelli
Letto 1469 volte